A demo of the framework can be downloaded here This demo annotates several hundreds pages from the popular site and then, using an ad hoc projections rule document (written in PEARL), it projects the annotations into an ontology. This Ontology is an extension of the Movie Ontology MO.

This demo uses old (a couple of years )IMDB pages, since the annotatator is not able to analyze the current IMDB pages because they have changed their internal structure.


To use the demo follow this steps:

  1. Download the zip archive containing the demo from here
  2. Unpack it into a directory (let's assume in the directory CODATest)
  3. Launch one of the following executible: CODACompleteTest.bat or depending on the operating system.
  4. After the selected test is completed you will find the ontologies in the same directory where you have unpacked the archive In the log directory you'll find the log files regarding the test you have launched. Each log file contains all the information about the single test and at the end you'll find the time needed to complete the test. To have an idea on how long it takes to launch a demo see next section.


This demo uses the configuration paramter specified in the file. This is what it is written in that file:

#This file contains the properties need to make codaimdb work

#the path of the ontology file used by CODA

#the directory used by the triple management to store the model

#the path of the PEARL file used by CODA

#set to true to recursively import the need ontology 

#the number of pages to process

#it is the number of processed pages when the ontology should be saved

#set to true to use autocommit, false otherwise (if set to true it can slow down the process)

#set to true to use the reasoner, false otherwise (if set to true it can slow down the process a lot)

#the directory containing all the needed converters

#the directory that will be used (created if not existing) by OSGi to store the bundles

#the directory containing the html file to process

#the directory used by CODA to store some of its temporary file

#the rdf format of the saved file. The accepted formats are (the default is turtle):
# - turtle
# - n3
# - rdfxml
# - trix

Each parameter can be changed and a brief explaination to what its usage is ir provided in the file itself


The execution of a single test (each test inside each family of test) can take from 30 seconds up to several hours depending on the computer's specifics on which it is executes, the PEARL file and more importantly if the reasoner is used.

Older versions

Downloads and instructions of the demo for past versions of CODA are available here.