ART Software

The ART Group is actively contributing to the research community with the software outcomes of its applied research. We group them here according to their different scopes:

Knowledge Management and Acquisition

VocBench: a collaborative editing environment for OWL ontologies, SKOS/SKOXL thesauri and RDF datasets (version 3 under development, version 2 developed in collaboration with FAO)

Semantic Turkey: a service-oriented Knowledge Management and Acquisition Platform for the Semantic Web

CODA: an architecture used to project the data produced by one or more UIMA annotators onto an ontology

Sheet2RDF: a platform for acquisition and transformation of datasheets into RDF (also available as a Semantic Turkey plugin, and soon for VocBench as well)

OntoLing: a tool for Linguistic Enrichment of ontologies (available as extension for different ontology development platforms)

Owl ART API (end of development/support in 2016) : api for accessing and managing RDF. Provide various implementations for several existing triple store

Natural Language Processing / Language Engineering

The Chaos System: A Natural Language Robust Processor

OBI-WAN: Ontology Based WrApper iNduction

Linguistic Watermark: an abstraction framework for uniformly accessing heterogeneous linguistic resources (thesauri, dictionaries, wordnets...):

JMWNL: Java (Multi)WordNet Library: a set of extensions to the JWNLlibrary allowing access to  WordNetsfor different languages (currently supports EuroWordNet)

LIME: a vocabulary and an associated Java API for linguistic metadata about linguistically grounded RDF datasets and linguistic resources published as Linked Data