The Linguistic Watermark

The Linguistic Watermark is a package containing generic abstract classes and interfaces for accessing linguistic resources (thesauri, dictionaries, wordnets...):

The idea behind the Linguistic Watermark package is to preserve a logical independence between wrapped linguistic resources, and the different, possible embedding applications which may exploit their content.

As we can observe from the Class Diagram on the right, we sketched a sort of ontology of linguistic resources, with the addition of operational aspects.

The core of the package is composed of an Abstract Class, named LinguisticInterface, which is both the locus for a formal description of a given linguistic resource and a service-provider for exposing the resource specific methods for accessing its content. The other abstract classes and interfaces in the package, which can be implemented or not, depending on the profile of the resource being wrapped, provide instead the signatures for known interface methods.





Linguistic Watermark package: click here to enlarge image

Linguistic Watermark class diagram (click to enlarge)

  Available Liguistic Interfaces

Currently, two implemented Linguistic Interfaces, being related to freely available resources, have been made available for download:

The WordnetInterface. A wrapper for WordNet, based on JWNL (Java Wordnet Library).

The DictInterface. A wrapper for DICT dictionaries, based on JavaDICT.


** Linguistic Watermark 2.1.1 (the linguistic watermark package is already included in any Protégé plugin exploiting linguistic resources, so this download is only to provide a central repository for LinguisticWatermark versions)

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** Past Versions

Prior versions of Linguistic Watermark can be found here


Online javadocs of the Linguistic Watermark package

How to build your linguistic interface (yet to be released)

User Manual


Author: Armando Stellato
Current contact: Armando Stellato (
Institution: AI Research Group, Dept. of Computer Science, Systems and Production, University of Roma, Tor Vergata

 Level of Support

The LinguisticWatermark package is under active development. Please send questions and comments to Armando Stellato, writing "[LinguisticWatermark]: " at the beginning of the subject.


The Linguistic Watermark package and its source code are freely available under the open source Mozilla Public License.