Armando Stellato


about me...

I am a member, since 2002, of the Artificial Intelligence Research Group at the Department of Enterprise Engineering of the University of Rome "Tor Vergata". I graduated in Engineering & Computer Science in 2002 with a thesis on "Ontological Mediation in a community of Intelligent Linguistic Agents" and took my PhD in 2006 with a thesis on Alignment and Mediation of Distributed Information Sources in the Semantic Web

Research Interests

My research interests mainly cover the area of Knowledge Based Systems, with particular regard to the scenario of the Semantic Web, though I'm also interested in Knowledge Representation and Information Integration (with this last one being the subject of my PhD dissertation).
At present time, I'm also interested in architectures for integrating NLP components into Semantic Web Applications for Knowledge Acquisition.
In 2005, together with Roberto Basili and Alfredo Serafini, I had an interesting (and really exciting!) experience in Music Information Retrieval. I hope to get back to it in the near future!


IBM UIMA Innovation Award in 2007, with a project on a semantic annotation platform for taking UIMA compliant text annotations over web pages

Recent Collaborations

I'm consultant for the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), working together with the Information and Knowledge Management group led by Johannes Keizer. I'm collaborating to the development of Vocbench, a Collaborative Framework for Thesauri Management, and on the porting to Linked Open Data of thesauri and vocabularies already developed inside FAO, such as AGROVOC and BIOTECH.