List of CODA related Publications

Main Reference Article

If you need to cite CODA in your scientific papers, journals and communications, consider the following one as the official reference for Semantic Turkey:

Other Publications

The vision

Here it is the first paper being published about CODA. As you will see from the architecture, it is much different from the current version. The reason is not that we completely changed direction. In fact in the first official release, with respect to the prototype and the vision described in the paper below, we exploded - to an higher level of detail - some of the aspects depicted there. This is mainly covering the RDF transformation, which was there assigned to an abstract component, and is now instead firmly grounded on our PEARL Engine. At the same time, we preferred to keep out of the architecture some of the aspects which have not yet been grounded enough. Feel free to read/cite this if you are willing to give a look or report about the overall vision of CODA.

The PEARL Language

The following paper is focused on the description of the PEARL language. A few things have changed between the syntax described in the paper and the PEARL language as adopted the first official release of CODA. However, all the features are there:

Applications of CODA

We list here papers where CODA has been applied in processed for semi-automatic acquisition of knowledge, in order to create new resources or improve existing ones.

In the following paper, the applicatioion of CODA for triplifying new relationships extracted about plants, insects feasting on these plants, and pesticides for them

Recent Works

Though the following ones are more recent, please consider the publication given at the beginning of this page as the official one to be cited when referring to CODA. However, if you want to read more recent literature about this tool, we have created this section to provide further reading.

This work has been presented at a applied intelligence conference, and is focused also on the industrial aspects of the platform