OntoLing Tab

The OntoLing Tab is a Protégé plug-in that allows for Linguistic Enrichment of Ontologies. It features functionalities for:

Access to any linguistic resource (LR) may be obtained through implementation of a proper wrapper, called Linguistic Interface, which is described by the abstract classes and interfaces contained in the LinguisticWatermark package.

Currently, two Linguistic Interfaces, being related to freely available linguistic resources, have been made available on this site.

Information on how to build linguistic interfaces may be found here (not yet available)

To get all the stuff working, you need to get:

so, it is important that you carefully follow the available documentation and the installation instructions


You can view screenshots in the User Manual


** OntoLing 3.0beta for Protégé 3.x up to 3.3.1 (for Protégé versions 3.2 and above also read this note )

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note on installation for versions of Protege 3.2 and above:

Protégé 3.2 (not the beta!) and 3.2.1 use Jena version 2.4, which is not compatible with the library for automatic linguistic enrichment bundled with OntoLing 3.0beta.
in order to have the Automatic Linguistic Enrichment feature of OntoLing work with these versions of Protégé:

** Available Linguistic Interfaces

Get a look here to check which Linguistic Interfaces are available for OntoLing. You don't need to download the linguistic interfaces, they are already packed with OntoLing distributions, but you may want to learn how to configure each specific interface for loading its associated linguistic resource(s).

** Past Versions

Prior versions of Ontoling can be found here


Installation Instructions

User Manual



Author: Armando Stellato
Current contact: Armando Stellato (http://art.uniroma2.it/stellato)
Institution: AI Research Group, Dept. of Computer Science, Systems and Production, University of Roma, Tor Vergata

 Level of Support

The OntoLing tab is under active development. Please send questions and comments to Armando Stellato or to the Protégé mailing list, writing "[OntoLing]:" at the beginning of the subject. Here is a TODO list of the next features to be implemented.


The following list of heroes contributed to the OntoLing project.


The OntoLing Tab and its source code (like Protégé) are freely available under the open source Mozilla Public License.