Armando Stellato



Knowledge Management

VocBench: a collaborative editing environment for OWL ontologies, SKOS/SKOXL thesauri and RDF datasets (version 3 under development, version 2 developed in collaboration with FAO)

Semantic Turkey: a service-oriented Knowledge Management and Acquisition Platform for the Semantic Web

CODA: an architecture used to project the data produced by one or more UIMA annotators onto an ontology

I also designed and followed development of most of Semantic Turkey/VocBenchextensions

Sheet2RDF: a platform for acquisition and transformation of datasheets into RDF (also available as a Semantic Turkey plugin, and soon for VocBench as well)

OntoLing: a tool for Linguistic Enrichment of ontologies (available as extension for different ontology development platforms)

Linguistic Watermark: both an ontology and software framework for representing and accessing heterogeneous linguistic resources. The version currently on the web is rather old. Andrea Turbati and me are working on the release of a totally revamped version with ontology-driven resource management and support for Ontology-Lexicon integration. This library is the linguistic backend for OntoLing (see above)

Owl ART API (end of development/support in 2016) API for accessing and managing RDF. Provide various implementations for several existing triple stores

Natural Language Processing

OBI-WAN: (development concluded) Ontology Based WrApper iNduction

JMWNL - Java (Multi)WordNet Library: a set of extensions to the JWNL library allowing access to WordNets for different languages (currently supports EuroWordNet)

Linked Open Data

AGROVOC multilingual agricultural vocabulary: As part of my collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), I've been working on the development of the AGROVOC multilingual agricultural vocabulary.
In 2010, the vocabulary has been ported to the SKOS-XLstandard and from 2011 the vocabulary is now part of the linked open data cloud