Building OWLART

Building OWLART is very easy. The only thing you need to know is how to use Maven. We assume here you are proficient with it.

The source projects of OWLART and its implementations are configured as Maven projects. Thus, for instance, to build OWLART and the Sesame2 implementation of OWLART API, you just need to download the sources of both projects and then run the following Maven task:

mvn clean install

respectively on OWLART, and then on OWLART-Sesame2Impl, to build them. The order of build may be important, as Maven will download all the dependencies from Maven Central, but if you are using a SNAPSHOT version of the source, OWLART will not be available, thus you need to build and install it first in your local repo and then build OWLART Sesame2Impl.